From Sophie’s Foster mom:

Sophie’s surgeon called and told me Sophie is doing GREAT!  She was sitting up and awake and doing really well.  (I have not seen her since dropping her off this morning)

Here is what he told me:

They took TWO flaps of skin from her lips to cover the hole from the bullet shot in her upper mouth.  They removed two teeth and fragments left from the bullet shot as well.  He indicated that her lip will be “tucked” in on one side for some time since they took so much skin to repair the hole~ they want it to be strong! (so she can eat eventually on her own) He feels confident that she will NOT need further surgeries~ I guess we will know as she recovers completly.   For now, he feels she is doing great!  Eventually, he said the lip will fall somewhat back in to place~  She is cute either way!

She is on Morphine till Friday and he feels as of now~ she will be able to come back home to us Friday morning to start her recovery process.  He wants her to totally rest for 2 to 4 weeks.  NO play, chewing, nada!  I will have to keep Rufus away from her which will be hard as they play all the time and continue to feed her by hand three times a day.  (With Tom and Rosie’s help of course)

Thats what I know for now~  Wish me luck picking her up Friday~ I hope she is feeling ok.  Thanks for all your prayers!  I will update you as I know more….

For now, she is on her way!


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