Most often it seems that at the beginning of each new year we reminisce about the one prior. Memories flourish our mind as we say “Another year has passed….” New Year’s Eve, always a special occasion, brings everyone together for a few hours of “everything is right; everything is good.” Then for the next few days we plan the next 12 months, think about good things to come, and we plan our resolutions.

Naturally, I did this as well. I looked back at 2011, thought about a few things, and knew I was ready for 2012.

k9.5 was blessed last year thanks to good people and their kind hearts. For that I am eternally grateful. It was also a year of great struggle and pain. Our losses were tremendous.

I don’t really want to reminisce about 2011 and weep over the difficulties. What I want to do is declare 2012 as a grand year…the year of the animals. I want to look it square in the eye and say “Animals, we’ve got your back – It’s going to be good.”

I want 2012 to be an awakening…and eye opener to those who need and want to learn. A year where people will become more willing to put their hearts out there and focus on the welfare of not only their own pet, but of the millions in shelters…the thousands in their own backyard. I want this year to be the year where increased numbers of people decide to volunteer and support great causes for the animals; become more interactive and do hands on work to provide the animals with the things they need. I want voices to be heard, better laws passed, and individuals to know the feeling of greatness when they see an animal play for the first time. I want fosters to feel the joy of a foster pet, volunteers to feel welcomed, appreciated, and satisfied with their efforts, and more animals to find new found love in warm, forever homes. I want people to enjoy gatherings among those like minded so that we can all support one another in our effort to do more for the animals in need. I want us all to work together and not challenge one another so that we can truly do the mission work our heart desires. I want animals to stop dying. I want more and more people to become a part of this Cause.

So, as you make out the list of new year resolutions, consider adding volunteer work. There are many ways to assist and many groups that are desperate for help. You can do as much or as little as time or energy allows, but doing something is what’s important. I promise you that you’ll feel good knowing you made an animal comfortable, be it emotionally or physically…and once you know you’ve done your part to save that life, you’ll experience a feeling that is like no other. It’s then that you’ll say “This is why people do it…this is the reason.”

Volunteer. Know the joy.


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