We try to involve you in the lives of the rescues, but we can’t always show you everything about these wonderful babies. So, here are a few fun facts that you wouldn’t know about the animals by reading their stories or even meeting them.


  • Despite his fear of the outside world, Will is the happiest dog to ever live on the face of the earth. He dances daily. Repeatedly.
  • Ethel, regardless of her exhaustion and poor physical condition, waits every time in the same spot near the “pharmacy” for her meds wrapped in cheese, with a slight wag in her tail. She smiles for cheese.
  • Bogart hops 3 times on his front legs for his dinner, rising to the midway point between standing on his hind legs and standing on all four.
  • Babe has a Kim Carnes bark.
  • Foxy knows how to open her crate door to go inside when it’s bedtime or when Mommy has to leave, and does so proudly and willingly.
  • Fiona knows when it’s her turn for her medication because she knows the sound that the bottle makes.
  • Noelle has no eyes and runs into things sometimes, yet she can easily jump up on the bed and into the car, knows exactly where her water bowls are located, and where the steps are at the back door so that she can come inside.
  • Keely is extremely shy and afraid of people. However, she is one of the most gentle dogs I’ve ever met. She also has the most beautiful, soulful expressions…better than anyone.
  • Shelby would live her entire life with a bone in her mouth if I’d let her.
  • Midge likes to collect things, anything, and take them into her kennel where she forms a pile. It makes her very, very happy.
  • At almost 100lbs, Bryson can walk up behind you and you don’t even know he’s there. Then he stares at you for a hug.
  • Tippy is fearless.
  • China’s favorite person in the world is her Grandma.
  • DiNozzo hides under the table if there’s a slight bit of commotion…being the guardian dog that he is….
  • Holly loves to lie in the sun.
  • Babe is utterly thrilled when a new dog comes in. She’s never happier!
  • Belvedere insists on laying in the corner by the kitchen cabinets and window. As a result he puts either his fluffy tail or his big head over the vent, restricting air flow. He knows he’s not supposed to, and moves when I tell him, only to move back in the original position when I walk away.
  • Shelby can jump higher than I am tall.
  • Miranda hates for her bottom to be brushed and will start hopping around with a big grin on her face and take off running to get out of the grooming…and she’s hard to catch.
  • Kala thinks that when you pet a dog, you’ve made a terrible mistake and meant to pet her instead. She corrects your error by sticking her head in you face wearing the expression of “You meant me, right?”
  • China’s favorite time in the day is when I change her bed clothes.
  • Noelle yells at me all day long because I slack off in accepting her rules and desires.
  • Holly never asks for anything. However, occasionally she’ll put her head next to you for a little love.
  • Monet loves the bone shaped dental Nylabone with the little bumps all over it – it’s her favorite.
  • Lancelot feels it’s an expression of love to wipe his drool on your shirt.
  • At bedtime, Sherlock cuddles his head into my chest as I carry him to his crate to sleep.
  • Fiona rarely barks. We didn’t even know she had a bark for almost a year.
  • Dolce is such a shiny black that she looks like patent leather.
  • Bogart’s bark is as high as Tippy’s. He tries to sound ferocious, but it’s just never going to happen.
  • Bryson has the softest, most gentle heart of any little boy in the world.
  • Miranda refuses to eat without canned food mixed in with her dry food.
  • If you give Midge a bone and a laundry basket, she’ll be endlessly content.
  • Shelby never tires of fetch and retrieve…nor jumping up and down waiting for the Frisbee or other flying item to be thrown.
  • Noelle’s favorite thing is to rub her fanny against the wall, or whatever is accessible at the time, and scratch it, complete with a sloppy grin on her face.
  • Fiona has the cutest feet ever.
  • DiNozzo loves little dogs.
  • Ethel is bullheaded.
  • Tippy yells at the big dogs if they don’t do as she wishes.
  • Lancelot is iffy with males dogs, but his best buddy in the world is Bryson. He looks for Bryson to make sure he’s around.
  • Foxy kisses 3 times per second.
  • Bryson doesn’t know how to take a treat from your hand and eat it – you have to put it on the floor, and he’s very slow to actually start eating. In the past several months he’s just started to learn the joy of chewing on a bone.
  • Babe has a super gentle way of placing her paw on your arm to let you know she needs a hug or a kiss.
  • Monet is in love with Lancelot.
  • Sherlock waddles.
  • Will loves to hug and kiss – he’d do it forever if it was possible.
  • China has to wear a jacket most of the time because she get cold easier than your normal dog.
  • Noelle follows me by snapping my fingers. It’s a more solid sound with less echoing than my voice.
  • Bogart excels at catching the Frisbee in mid-flight.
  • When I ask Belvedere to come inside, he rolls over on his back and dances so that I’ll think he’s cute and not require him come indoors. It doesn’t work. Most of the time. Okay, sometimes it does.
  • Kala will always prefer to lie on her back, legs up in the air.
  • The dogs like to gnaw on Sherlock’s ears. He lets them.

Of course, now I wonder what they’d say about me….



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