Dare you ask, how?? Well, let me explain….





All of these sweeties were in one pound…yes, 3 pyrs and a possible pyr mix (or newfie…or something). All of their time was up at the same time. My mind went in circles, blew up a few times, got foggy, panicky, and anything else you can imagine. I begged my family to help me get set up and the next thing I knew I was picking up three drunken doggies after their spays and neuter. Lordy!!

Abraham and Claire came from a cruelty case, while Anna was tied up to a fence and abandoned. Winnie was an owner surrender, thank goodness, because she’s in very poor condition. Despite, all are happy, loving, and even shy Anna has come out of her shell quite a bit. Abraham doesn’t have a shy bone in his body, so no worries there. 😉

Poor Abraham has heartworms, is emaciated, has other typical worms, a huge wound on his leg, matted dreadlocks, and spots w/no hair. He is more than vivacious and rarin’ to go, however – seems there’s not a lot that will slow this boy down! Poor fella just begs for attention and will talk to you all day if you let him. Quite the conversationalist!

The other girls are all matted, dirty, very thin to emaciated, covered in fleas and ticks, and just basically, a big mess. They are all very, very sweet, however, and absorb all the attention I give them. Claire gives kisses and dances around when I play with her, Winnie sticks to me like glue and smiles all the time, and Anna is overwhelmed that someone is nice to her. She throws that big head into your lap and just melts when you show her affection. Precious…every one of them.

So yes, I’ve lost my mind, but admittedly playing with them and seeing them happy is just the best feeling. Makes you feel like you’re not all that crazy…

But then, of course, reality hits. 😉

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