As intended, today is a day that you can’t help but stop and think about the things in life that touch and bless you. Of course, I’ve done this very thing myself. I’ve posted before on this topic, but I feel it’s always important to stop and remember…truth be told, we really can’t do it enough. So as I’ve done previously, I will talk about the things for which I’m thankful.

  1. China. I mean really…you had to know this was at the top of the list. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. 32 oz Rubbermaid spray bottles – the best ever if you need one for cleaning or misting plants.
  3. My vacuum cleaner, broom and mega sized dustpan.
  4. The Goodwill and all it’s glorious items that have helped the animals and saved me money, esp the one on Haywood Rd where you buy per pound.
  5. Ms. Lisa for suggesting baby beds for the rescues, esp the special needs dogs.
  6. My veterinarians.
  7. The mother who helps me get into more and more trouble for the animals, who assists me when I need creativity, who has tolerated more from the dogs than most.
  8. My funny looking little purple paddy wagon, aka: Scion, that gives me incredible space to transport the dogs and 32 mpg.
  9. The dogs. Even when they wake me up at night, step on my toes, have an accident in the house, or bark too much.
  10. Caffeine.
  11. My amazing volunteers who hang in there with me and the friends who have put up with me through some difficult times (and lots of whining…you know who you are).
  12. Sherlock’s never ending, incredibly happy disposition.
  13. T-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans & tennis shoes.
  14. Computers, smartphones and the internet.
  15. Keely’s hugs when I come home.
  16. Ethel being up to 84.4 pounds!! ๐Ÿ˜€
  17. Flagyl (2 words: Gastrointestinal Upset).
  18. The adoptive families/individuals.
  19. That when Will sliced his foot almost in two from ripping a crate pan in half, Doctor Shrum did some fantastic stitching (more than once) which allowed it to heal properly…and the creativity of the cast up to his elbow after his 2nd attempt to rip out his sutures…
  20. …which leads me to E-collars.
  21. That Lancelot is healed, looks adorable without his ear flap, and is a healthy 140lbs.
  22. The candy bowl at Holly Tree Animal Hospital.
  23. All of the incredible people who have donated for the animals.
  24. Sam’s big dinner croissants. A must for a stressful day.
  25. The sweet, sweet book entitled “Wet Noses at the Pearly Gates” and the silver plated bookmark that came with it from 2 long lost friends after China’s passing.
  26. Digital cameras.
  27. People who love…genuinely love and care for…animals.
  28. Baby gates.
  29. The fantastic (and most tolerant) staff at our Veterinary hospital.
  30. Dancing with Midge and Foxy.
  31. The music channel on Dish titled “Moodscapes” which helps me wind down and go to sleep every night after a long day.
  32. Great Pyrenees.

Of course, I could go on and on. Life, even during heartache or drama, has been good to me…as have the animals and every supporter out there. It’s refreshing and humbling to stop and think about so many things. A good feeling. I encourage everyone to do it.

I also strongly suggest that you grab your furbaby, give him or her a big hug and kiss, and thank them for brightening your life as only they can. ๐Ÿ™‚



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