Important facts about the current residents of k9.5 Rescue


Name & Breed: Sir Lancelot, the Great Pyrenees
Status: Looking for love
Likes: Brunettes, mountain climbing & Outback Steak House.
Aspirations: Wants to play pro hockey









Name & Breed: Ethel, the Great Pyrenees
Status: Single and OVER the dating scene
Likes: Betty White, The Food Network, & her orthopedic mattress
Aspirations: To build a cottage by the beach.

IMG_9947 (2)








Name & Breed: Monet, the Great Pyrenees
Status: Diva looking for her playmate
Likes: Pink, NCIS, modeling & red wine.
Aspirations: To be the CEO of Vogue Magazine









Name & Breed: Bogart, the Golden Retrieving Sled Dog
Status: Flirting with the ladies
Likes: King of Queen reruns, Words with Friends, & refurbishing old houses.
Aspirations: Wants to build a boat









Name & Breed: Babe, the cutest Pit Bull EV-AH
Status: Waiting on Mr. Right
Likes: “We Bought a Zoo,” Miss Piggy, & Pierogies
Aspirations:  To marry Bradley Cooper









Name & Breed: Kala, the Great Pyrenean Labrador
Status: Long legged beauty living the single life
Likes: Fashion, Apple products, & photography
Aspirations: To be the next “Project Runway” host









Name & Breed: Bryson, the Great Pyrenees
Status: Looking for his true love
Likes: Baseball, Symphonies, and Salvage Dawgs
Aspirations: To teach children literary writing and athletics









Name & Breed: Shelby, the new brindle Doberman breed (so she insists)
Status: Looking for a stud of her very own
Likes: Baseball players, football players, basketball players, hockey players, rugby players….
Aspirations: To get her own star on Hollywood Blvd for being the most beautiful girl ever & winning Top Model.









Name & Breed: Roman, a Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd mix
Status: Laid back guy who just wants everyone to find love
Likes:  A good cup of coffee, biographical movies, the history channel, Sudoku
Aspirations: To make sure his foster mommy adopts him.









Name & Breed: Midge, the Dach-ador
Status: Hanging out with her sister, Foxy, both looking for their dream mate
Likes: A good Lazyboy chair, Grooveshark, Matthew McConaughey, chick flicks, Twitter
Aspirations: To be CEO of a toy manufacturing company

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Name & Breed: Foxy, the Papillon mix
Status: Hanging with her little sis, Midge, both wanting their own true love
Likes: Hairbows, Design Star, shopping, Lifetime Network
Aspirations:  To take over Mary Kay and drive a pink Cadillac









Name & Breed: Tippy, the Maltipoo Queen
Status: Enjoying the idea that everyone adores her
Likes: Christmas, swimming, social networking, Jennifer Aniston & Friends reruns
Aspirations: To be the next Erin Brockovich









Name & Breed: Noelle, the gorgeous black Labrador
Status: Too set in her ways to date
Likes: movies (all of them), iPhone, a good down comforter, food (except bananas)
Aspirations: To purchase the biggest, most expensive SleepNumber mattress ever made









Name & Breed: Fiona, the Terrier
Status: Searching YouTube for cute boys
Likes: Convertibles, hiking, cake, and dancing
Aspirations: To dance on The Ellen Show









Name & Breed: Mr Belvedere, the Great Pyrenees
Status: Enjoying dating
Likes: BBQ potato chips, cook outs, ESPN, poetry
Aspirations: To be a Veterinary Surgeon


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