The New Crew is doing well, and all have adjusted to the new environment.  They are all very sweet and loving, while all having their own personalities.

Claire and Winnie are the young whipper-snappers of the group, probably around 6ish months old, very similar in their puppy personalities, dispositions and activities.

CLAIRE (aka: Claire Bear or Claire-a-Belle)

Claire is a cheerful, funny, playful, kissy poo-poo sort of girl.  She loves everyone and loves to run around the yard and play chase, rumbling with her buddies.  I have learned, however, that she can climb a 6ft chain link fence, and will therefore need to be an indoor dog with supervised playtime in a secure fence, at least until she’s older and more settled in…however, it would never be wise to leave the house with her outside since she’s a good climber.  She will need a play buddy, as well, as she thrives on the company of others.  She does well indoors and is doing well with potty training.  She also ducks and squints quickly, jumping back and often startled, when petted. 🙁 However, she does love some lovin’!  She also loves bones.

WINNIE (aka: Winnie da Poo)

Winnie is a love munchkin, as well.  She is a girl that likes to be with you, or able to get TO you if she so chooses.  Winnie will dig out of a fence if she’s afraid (as she was initially), or if she wants to get to you and you’re outside of the fence.  As a result, she also has to be an indoor dog with outdoor time in a secure fence, and would do best with a buddy to play with so she’ll not feel alone and afraid.  She enjoys her outdoor time when she knows you’re just inside, if she needs you, letting her inside when she chooses.  She is well mannered indoors and a good little puppy, although not above a typical puppy antic. 😉 She, too, is like Claire when it comes to playing, and loves a good romp and roll with her buddies.  Much like her sister, Winnie loves bones, as well.

ANNA (aka: Anna-Bananna or Anna Bear)

Anna is a jewel and pretty darn irrisistible! Anna is still a little shy, yet has opened up tremendously.  She squints her eyes and ducks her head when you pet her, and she worries if you have something in your hand, running across the yard to what she feels is her safe place. When you walk up to her, however, she buries her head into your chest and absorbs the hugs and kisses.  She enjoys the other animals and is respectful to them, playing and giving kisses.  The boys all have crushes on Miss Anna because she’s so beautiful. 😀 Someone hasn’t been so nice to her, evident in them tying her to a fence and abandoning her, but if you’re nice to her, she’ll snuggle as close as she can.

AbraHAM (aka: Abe or Ham-man)

Oh AbraHAM…what a silly boy.  AbraHAM is an active, vocal and handsome fella, despite still being in poor condition.  He’s not phased by much and is always up for a good time…hence the HAM in his name!  He enjoys attention and is learning that a hug or kiss on the head isn’t a bad thing, actually enjoying it now and returning the kiss.  Abe is a ‘book smart’ but ‘not so common sense smart’ kinda guy…but he’ll learn. 😀 Coming from an abuse case he wasn’t given much of anything, let alone attention, so he’s pretty much been on his own with no guidance, love or fun.  He’s doing well, however, has started his heartworm treatment regime, and having a good time.  He enjoys the other dogs, but isn’t so great with other dominant males, and can sometimes play a little too hard.  He’d need to be an only dog or with another female that also enjoyed playing hard.  Other than that, he’s a typical goofball. 😀

That’s what they’ve taught me thus far.  All, of course, full of love…and they never allow a dull moment! 😀

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