So today was what I’ll refer to as the Groom Day.  I’d held off on the new sweeties b/c the poor souls had enough going on, but today we finally sat down for some brush on fur.  All did very well, and my big goofball, AbraHAM actually did the best out of anyone!  I was so proud of him!

Claire was the first victim.  Bless her heart, while brushing her I noticed that a few of the spots on her face were old sores and minus some hair, but that may come back.  She enjoyed it until it interfered with her play time.  She finally gave in, however, and let me finish, as she was pretty matted up.  The tail was a different story.  She wasn’t ugly, she wasn’t rowdy…she just turned a bit of charm on and played her way through it.  Such a silly girl.  However, she kindly let me know what she thought of the brush that was used on her tail….

However, check out the difference…such a pretty girl! Before:


Miss Winnie wasn’t as bad, but we’ll also allow her a before and after photo so she’ll not feel left out.


After! (With her buddy Claire behind her)

AbraHAM, as I mentioned, I am very proud of b/c he was so incredibly well behaved.  Being the goofball of the group, it was a pleasant surprise to see him enjoy his grooming so much.  He loved the attention!  He’s looked pretty scraggly, but a good brushing made a big difference.  Once he gets some weight on, he’ll be a stud muffin for sure!

Before (notice the dreadlocks behind his ears):


Anna was pretty good to go already, but we gave her a little attention and brushing, as well.  However, she looks pretty much the same…drop dead gorgeous!

So now we’re all brushed and dignified, and everyone enjoyed the attention.  They all feel pretty now. 🙂

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