I’ve been a little under the weather lately so I’ve been pretty much doing nothing this weekend other than relaxing.  The dogs and I have watched tv and laid around, enjoying ourselves.

Yesterday I laid down for a nap, and of course I had several dogs curl up with me.  Madison jumped up on the bed and snuggled at the foot of the bed, in between my legs.  She rested her head on my leg and looked up at me.  I looked at her in return and asked “Are you comfy maddie lou?”  Her tail thumped on the bed, and her body wiggled just enough to make her cute.  Then she snuggled in a little closer, and went to sleep.  She was so happy to be curled up next to me, and she slept as long as I did.

I adore this sweet girl…pit bull or not.  When people realize she’s a lab/pit mix, they immediately dismiss her, despite her gentle nature and loving temperament.  She absolutely adores people, and when people meet her they adore her, as well.  I am so thankful that she came into my life.  One day maybe someone will judge her for who she is, not what she’s made of.  Hats off to Miss Madison for being an outstanding dog!


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