I just read a horrifying article on a local school promoting a “pig rodeo,” aka: greased pig contest, for a school pep rally. Students were visibly upset and crying, and adults were horrified. Kids tried to leave but were FORCED to stay and watch the event while being mocked by a teacher for it. Even the superintendent participated and dropped the pig after catching it. The pig landed on it’s head many times and in the end, could not walk, according to a parent who witnessed the event.

The schools who participated were Ninety Six High School and Edgewood Middle School in Greenwood, SC. You can read about the incident here.

First, this is unacceptable and surpasses cruel. Second, it displays the obvious stupidity, lack of humanity and uneducated ways of those leading our children. Third, it is beyond me how anyone can be so brain dead and heartless, thinking this could ever be something fun to do. How WARPED do you have to be to think that way? It speaks volumes for the character of the people involved and how they are, in my opinion, beasts. They should be embarrassed, ashamed and beg for forgiveness, while also donating to the pig’s rescue and care, as well as other pig rescues for the remainder of their lives. I’ll stop there because I think it’s obvious I had many other choice words for these people. If my kid went to either of those schools, I’d yank them out of it instantly.

The story led me to read the comments, which led me to one specific comment. The poster stated “It’s a shame that the mistreatment of a pig garners more attention than hundreds of daily child abuse stories….”

HUGE pet peeve of mine.

Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of the comments suggesting that people get more upset about animals or that animals get more attention than children who are abused. NOW, before anyone starts to suggest that I am a child hater, let me finish.

ANYONE that loves animals while supporting animal rescue and animal welfare also supports proper care and protection of children. I don’t know of any individual in rescue that would walk away from a child being tortured or abused. If they saw a child needing help they would jump right in and assist, not say “Oh, you’re not a dog or a cat, so call someone else.”

Children, thankfully, have laws that assist in prosecuting an abuser and caring attorneys that fight for them. They also have international organizations and state organizations, even local ones, that fight for them, educate them, provide safe homes for them and more. They have non-profits that focus on helping. They have major corporations that will donate thousands to provide assistance. They have a great deal of support, and people work hard to protect them…AS THEY SHOULD. These entities and supporters are necessary, as sad as it may be, and the children need and deserve them. I am grateful for those that work so hard for them, and for those times that the judges don’t rule in the child’s favor I am furious. I have a dear friend that fights daily for kids in need, and I love her all the more for doing so. She is an angel in my book (and guess what…she also assists and supports animal rescue).

So yes, I am PRO the protection and safety of children, and I would go to jail to get one out of harms way.

While there are many animal shelters and rescues, and a few groups that may fight to change laws, animals still get the brunt of the deal. There is little in the way of protection and laws, and for the ones that exist, rarely are they applied. Animals do not get the same respect as humans of any age, and are therefore deemed anything but a priority. They are, in fact, considered property vs. a living being. The laws for most states say that regardless of how bad things are, as long as you have food, water and shelter, you won’t be prosecuted. Sure, occasionally someone in the legal field who cares will actually prosecute or give a sentence for abuse, but the Michael Vick story in itself shows that people are barbaric enough to not give a damn, and that it’s okay to reward abuse with millions of dollars, despite what is done to a living, breathing being. What does that say about us as a human race?

Yes, we should all be vegetarians/vegans. Yes, the animals do know their fate, and yes, they do suffer physically and mentally at the hands of employees in slaughter houses  who view them as less important than their shoes. And yes…this will sadly never change. They also suffer abuse daily in many other ways that are ignored or viewed as unimportant.  And the large entities that claim they fight for the protection of animals, such as PETA and HSUS? Don’t be fooled.

I do have to say that I recognize, and that I am grateful, that more is being written and reported about animal abuse. It’s a blessing to these animals because they do need help, and people need to see what’s going on. They can’t speak for themselves, so they depend on us to do it for them. Media is a great way to do so, and it’s wonderful that more and more stories are being heard. Hats off to those that promote them. Hopefully it will help change things in the future.

Back to the “animals get more media and attention” comments. This is a ridiculous statement. Children are legally protected, and most abuse is not aired publicly for that reason. It shouldn’t be aired, in my opinion, because the attention it would bring to the children would not benefit them emotionally. They need to be able to get the help necessary and move on with their lives in a positive way without it being constantly rehashed on the internet and at local hang outs. So the lack of media coverage is not because the news doesn’t care enough to write stories about child abuse or because they prefer animal stories. It’s to protect and respect the children who have suffered.

So think about the statement and how little it makes sense. Then go donate to a children’s or animal’s charity of your choice.


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