Today I was confronted by Miss Noelle, stating that she was upset that she’d not been in the spotlight for some time.  I kindly explained to her that I tried to put everyone in the spotlight on my blog, since all are indeed special.  Held held low, ears drooped, she again stated that she didn’t feel so special, and could I please mention her so that people would still be aware of her presence and possibly send her some bones.  After all…she has no eyes and she deserves to be spoiled.  I reminded her that it’s not polite to beg (no bones necessary for anyone reading), and that I was fully aware of her lack of eyes.  However, I would put a nice blog up about her so that she’d be reassured that she is loved very, very much, and that she, in no way, has been forgotten and is, without question, extraordinarily special.  She also requested a photo because she’s so pretty.  I agreed.

SO – to all reading, Miss Noelle is a beautiful (with only a few extra pounds), loving (ornery), affectionate (non-listening), happy (yet bullheaded), charming (gets away with it b/c she’s cute), irresistable lab with no eyes.  And, there is absolutely no doubt that she is adored to the ends of the earth, even when she knocks my knees out, runs me over, and “bites” me for affection, takes my pillow, steps on my toes, always barks when I get on the phone, trips me, knocks me over with her full force and dead weight, jump-on-top-of-me-hugs, and barks incessently until she gets what she wants.  I also love her nightly ritual of rolling around on the bed, kicking her feet up in the air, kicking me, and flopping like a fish out of water, despite my asking her not to (my nightly ritual)…and I love that every night, for the past several years, this ritual has made me laugh.  I love that she throws her big head into my lap, even when I say no, smiling, causing me fall in love w/her over and over again.  I love that she is so beautiful, eyes or no eyes.  In fact, I think she’s simply lovely, and I enjoy kissing her big, goofy, smiley, no eyed face.  I feel, as well, that she is a blessing to our rescue.

See what I mean?  She’s just lovely…simply lovely. 🙂

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