Well, our sweet Sophie had to endure another surgery today.  Although less evasive, it was almost a repeat of her first surgery.  Unfortunately, a small portion of the large hole didn’t close…we were aware that this was a possibility, but we’d hoped otherwise.  Fortunately, this hole was only about a fourth of the size of the original hole, but it still required closing it with flaps of skin again.  So, it was basically a smaller version of her original surgery.

Sophie is doing well, however, and recovering as I type.  She will probably want to play in the morning being the trooper that she is, but of course she’ll be kept quiet until the doctor gives her the release.  Please keep her in your prayers, asking for this hole to close properly, avoiding a third surgery.  She’s doing great otherwise, eating well, playing, happy, but this needs to heal correctly.

Again, thank you to everyone for your support and prayers.  We can’t thank you enough!

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