Today was full of sunshine and gorgeous weather, and the dogs all enjoyed it tremendously.  They were full of playfullness, and huge smiles draped across their faces.  Little dogs trampled across big dogs sprawled out on the ground.  They were tolerant of the little feet that scouried over them, and the little mouths that clamped down on their necks, pretending to “beat up” the dogs that weighed five times their size.  I am amazed at how many teeth and nails they will bear without suggesting a sharp tone or action. 

We had  “chases”… five or six dogs in tow, one directly behind the other, big grins and jaws flapping in the wind.  They end up like kids at the end of a water slide, all landing in one big pool, falling all over each other and ending up in a mound of wagging tails and fur.  They are so funny…when one falls behind they manage to make sure he/she remains involved in the activity. 

It’s days like today that I like to just walk outside and watch them.  Absorb the joy, the fun, the beauty of the sunshine and the animals before me.  I love to see them happy, and I pray that every day can be like today for them.  To see Will with his shiney, black coat after surpassing a mange that ate away at his skin…to see Madison playful and loving on her brothers and sisters after being afraid of everyone when she came into rescue…to see Burton acting as a big brother to Katie because she weighs as much as his head, and he wants to be gentle with her. 

I wish I looked at life the way they do sometimes.  I wish I knew how to play and enjoy a good fromp around the yard they way they appreciate it. 

These are good hearts…the world needs more of them.  🙂

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