When our pets get sick or injured it is important to receive proper veterinary care for both small problems and those life threatening. Animals suffer from the same diseases and injuries as humans, therefore requiring the same medical attention and then some. These medical treatments have to be performed by a qualified doctor…a Veterinarian. 

It is not uncommon for people to forget is that a Veterinarian is the same as an M.D. They have the same schooling, the same requirements, and the same credentials. In addition, a veterinarian has to learn multiple species, as well as the diseases, traumas, and requirements significant to each. They are required to practice as an internist, as surgeon, and be every specialist…obstetrician, cardiologist, oncologist, orthopedist, ophthalmologist, and many others.  Also, despite what many may think, they do not receive the same salaries as each of these specialties. They don’t receive the salary of even one…yet they are required and expected to know every aspect of veterinary care and know it well. Fortunately for us, they do.

tippy hospital-001Surgeries, tests, and treatments depend upon the same up to date, high tech equipment, supplies, nurses, assistants, and of course, doctors. Once a diagnosis is made the problem requires medication and treatments just like our diagnoses. Sometimes the animals require hospitalization in a primary care setting managed just like our hospitals.

Often I hear that someone is upset or taken aback by the cost of a major surgery or even an exam. Yet if we stop and consider what this would cost in human medicine…4-5x as much in many cases, then perhaps we can understand that it’s not unreasonable. Remember, you veterinarian can repair, cure, and literally save a life the same way a human doctor does. 

The added bonus? They love our beloved furry friends. Even better…they give them kisses. So let’s stop and thank them for their dedication and love of animals so they know that without doubt we are grateful for their skills, their hearts, and their kindness. You never know when that pat on the back might be just what they need to make their day brighter.

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