I was sitting down watching television today when I heard an outburst from the dogs.  They’d been outside playing and enjoying the weather, romping around and having fun, when suddenly they started “working.”  I walked outside to see what the commotion was all about, only to find a truck sitting in my driveway, and the dogs frantically barking and staring at someone.  Admittedly, I was a bit agitated, as I’ve got a bit of a sinus infection, and those things are just ornery little buggers.  Nothing life threatening, but just annoying. However, I’d taken the day to just rest in my PJs, not brush my hair, be sloppy and lazy, and recoup a little bit from a hectic week.  So a guest, let alone someone selling something and arriving unannounced, was not in the plan.  I tend to have boundaries, too, and don’t appreciate someone knocking on my door and throwing me a sales pitch. Just a personal preference.

I got a few dogs inside, and opted to leave the Pyrs out there staring at him, since he was a strange man on my property, unannounced.  I stood behind them and asked “Can I help you in some way?”  He stated that he sold meat to the locals and that his boss had placed an extra amount in his truck…I stopped him and said “I don’t eat meat.”  He looked at me perplexed, with a torked expression on his face, and said “NO meat?”  I replied with “No.”  He again asked “Nothing at all?”  Again, I said “NO.”  He looked at me as if I were utterly insane (although I’d be lying if I said I probably didn’t have the same expression on my face).   He shook his head and said “Okay…?”  He started to walk off and said “You got a lot of them dogs, don’t you?”  While I wanted to say something along the lines of “What dogs?” as I stood behind 7 of them, just to confuse him even more, I instead said “Yes.”

Anna, one of the 85.5lb Pyrenees, bolted indoors when I began to walk inside.  I guessed she’d put on her brave face, true to a Pyrenees, but preferred to be inside behind mama when a stranger was near.  Being a little shy and from an obviously not so nice background, I didn’t think much of it.  I followed her inside and settled everyone down since they were still a bit riled from our unexpected visitor.  Anna, however, had another idea.  She trotted into the bedroom, did a once over and began barking her “I’m a Great Pyrenees, and you’d better get off my property!”  I walked in and looked at her, reminding her that the guy had actually been outside, and that he’d also already left.  She looked at me as if I was completely foolish, and kept on barking.  She had work to do.

Oh well – at least all the dust mites know that she’s in charge.

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