Although primarily a Pyr rescue, these type are the ones I have a hard time saying no to because they’ve had such a hard time…esp when they are so sweet.  These guys need love, too.  I really want to help this guy, but not sure that I can.  They say he’s wonderful with everyone and the animals, too.

These types of dogs…the old, battered, bruised and not necessarily the prettiest of dogs…are some of the ones that go down first.  Unfortunately, looks play a large part in who wants what dog…I suppose the same way they affect decisions in the human world.  I tend to be drawn to these types because I want others to see their beauty, even if it’s not directly in front of the eye.  Ol’ Pete weighs heavy on me…a big dog, scarred up, probably never had any attention, and has those scars because a human didn’t care enough to take care of him.  I’m sure if someone just opened their hearts and eyes, he’d make a superior pet.  It’s heartbreaking.  Especially knowing his time is up.

I’ll continue to ponder Ol’ Pete.

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