k9.5 is excited about the recent changes in our rescue. Formally known as “Miss Alli’s Rescue,” after rescuing for 10+ years (although becoming “official” in 2004), we felt it was important to make a name change in order to reach out to more animals and further our efforts. We hope that it will better represent our goals and demonstrate what we strive to accomplish. Our new name not only signifies that we rescue canines, but it also emphasizes our focus – dogs that are larger, aged, and advanced in care – dogs that are just a little “extra.” (visit About Us to learn more)

You’ll also see a change in the website, as it differs somewhat from the “Miss Alli’s Rescue” site.

We look forward to more success and hopefully one day finding that rescue isn’t a necessity. We invite you to join us on our journey, reaching out to animals in need, educating the public, and finding permanent homes for animals that would have otherwise been euthanized…or worse. We want to make a difference. We’d love for you to help us do just that.

Miss Alli

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