We have a handsome new fella who has entered our rescue, and his name is Sunny (although we may have to rename him b/c it’s confusing to Winnie and Benny, as well as Sunny, when we call one of their names). Sunny is a Great Pyrenees mix who is as delightful as they come! He is such a joyful fella, with an outstanding view of each day…they are all GREAT! Sunny is always smiling, always loving and kissing, always playful and happy. He is sooooo much fun! I cannot describe to you how incredibly irresistible this boy is…he’s simply outstanding!

What makes Sunny even more special is that he has a mild disability. Due to an apparent injury as a puppy, or perhaps something congenital, he swaggers back and forth, to and fro, walking to his own beat…sort of like the town drunk. 😀 He occasionally falls or slips, and he takes a bit slower to get from one spot to another (but only a few seconds!), but he doesn’t mind his slight handicap at all. No sir…he doesn’t much think of anything as a negative…he is positive and joyful all of the time. You just can’t be down around Sunny, as he is so positive!

Sunny is precious…precious, precious, precious. I absolutely adore this dog! I don’t know how anyone couldn’t! This grin…it’s there all the time…literally ALL the time. 🙂 How cute IS he???

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