Madison has been in the same spot on the doggy couch since 4:30, sleeping…it is now 7:30.  She has absolutely no desire to move.

Oops…I lied…she just rolled onto her back and stuck her feet straight up in the air.

Alden is lying in front of the bathroom door.  I’ve attempted to move him multiple times when I needed to enter the bathroom.  He’s very comfy and 94lbs.  He hasn’t moved.  He’s been there since lunchtime.  I now have a backache from sliding his rear end just far enough for me to squeeze in the door.

Katie and Ellie Mae have been comfortable, as well.


Will, on the other hand, has rested comfortably, yet managed to waggle everytime I walked into the kitchen, smacking his tail against every object in the room, creating a sort of tribal song with his tail.  I’m tempted to record it…I do live near Nashville, Tn, after all.

Johnny has plopped in front of the back door, refusing to move when I try to let the others outside.  He’s a 50lb 5 1/2 month old puppy who tends to be bullheaded.

The delight of a relaxing day…a day enjoyed by all!

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