One of the best parts of the day is bedtime, when I prepare China for the evening.  Pretty much every night she gets a new bed, be it a blanket or a regular bed, because she often has accidents through the night, and it’s necessary to wash it.  There is nothing sweeter than seeing a handicapped dog know that she’s getting her new bed. She gets so excited about it and “jumps” up and down, scrambling upon it with thrill, and snuggling herself into it.  Even sweeter, every time I give her a new one, after she “makes” the bed to her satisfaction, she reaches up and gives me a thank you kiss – religiously.  To China, her bed is a luxurious gift that she treasures and appreciates more than anything…it ranks higher than the tastiest treat or the best chew toy.

If only I had the appreciation of something so simple.  If only I didn’t take it for granted and felt the joy, while remembering to thank the person who provided it for me.  Here she is, a pit bull…the breed that is considered the devil’s work…and she makes sure to kiss me every time I give her a new bed, always wearing a smile on her face.  She will show this appreciation and provide a kiss to anyone that does this for her because she is kind, loving, and grateful for the things in life that seem so small to the rest of us.

I look at her now and see her falling asleep, comfy, cozy and content on tonight’s bed.  It still amazes me that what’s considered “just a dog” can teach me so very much.  If only I listened more…. 😉

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