Finally, the day has come for our sweet, little girl.  Sophie went to her forever home with a very kind family who appreciated and understood all that Sophie had been through.  Being huge animal and pyr lovers themselves, they adored her upon the first meeting.  After enduring our probable excruciating adoption process, spending some time with her and falling in love, Sophie’s foster parents took her to her new family, both fur babies and humans.  We are so happy that she is in a safe and loving home and enjoying herself.

Her foster family couldn’t have been more wonderful.  I am blessed that they were kind enough to care for her through this entire process, and that they provided her with so much love and dedication. I am so happy that I now know this beautiful couple and their daughter, and I consider them dear friends. Sophie’s progress is because of Tom and Renee, and all the amazing individuals that contributed to her care.  May God bless each and every one of you!

From Renee, Sophie’s foster mother:

As many of you know we have been fostering our precious rescue dog Sophie since June 2008, with the help of Miss Allis Rescue.

Sophie is a miracle dog with a very special heart.  After many donations from friends and family, several operations,  and a lot of  love…… she is 100% recovered, eating on her own, running, jumping, barking and finally growing into her skin at almost 70 lbs we think. To our surprise there were many people who after hearing about Sophie’s amazing story, contacted us this past month about adopting her.   We both agreed unless the “right family” was sent to us, we were in no hurry to adopt her out and in fact considered keeping her ourselves, as every day we just fell more in love.   It was then, that John and Dee Dee appeared in our lives. It was their daughter who contacted me after hearing of Sophie’s Story.  She explained her family just purchased 30 acres, of which SIX acres is FENCED in for their dogs when they want to be outside, located in White House, TN.  She grew up with dogs in the house all her life and they had a special love for GREAT PYRENEES.  Their family just lost  two GREAT PYRENEES last year, that lived to be 12.   They have been searching for right addition to the family the past few months, and when she got wind of Sophie and what she had been through, felt moved to contactus.  All the animals they have are all rescues with their own miracle stories.

Dee Dee stays home on the farm taking care of the animals ( referring to them as family, calling them her soul mates and gentle spirits) John works during the day but clearly has a special love for animals and immediately took to Sophie their first visit.   They fell in love…on the floor hugging her, kissing her, all the while talking about how they just LOVED that booming bark Pyrenees are known for.   A week passed and we went out to visit them at their farm (amazing and beautiful) they filled out an extensive application and went through a long interview.  After all that, a decision would need to made.  I think to our surprise, this would turn out to be one of the hardest decisions (for Tom and I ) we would ever make.

We took her out to the farm, to be with John, Dee Dee and her new family this past Saturday 1/10/09.  A bitter sweet day~ a very emotional goodbye~ a new beginning, and even as I write this, it is with a heavy heart I am missing her sitting by the computer.  John and Dee have several other dogs and cats~ Sophie gets along with all of them as she has already met them in previous visits.  I have to believe in my heart that God has a plan, and purpose for all of us.   Sophie had a second chance because of ALL the kind people who helped save her.  I know our rescuing days are not over…….In fact ~ Tom and I feel Sophie gave us so much more than we gave her.  And it wasn’t really until we said Good-bye that we realized the impact she had on our whole family.

John and Dee Dee are our new friends~ I spoke to her this morning and she said Sophie is doing great…..LOVING the fresh air and actually wanting to be outside running.

We will go out and visit in a few weeks~ as they have already invited us to do so, calling us family.  Thanks to all of you who have helped us through this amazing journey and for loving Sophie along with us!  This is just the start of her journey and we are looking forward to being part of it as she moves forward!

If you are looking for a WONDERFUL organization to give your donations to: PLEASE consider Miss Allis Rescue. She is the reason Sophie had a second chance and has already this week taken in 3 more dogs that would have been put down. She is a blessing to these animals but needs our donations to continue the work she does.

Our first visit to the farm with John /Dee Dee / daughter Christina

Sophie meets cousin Franklin ~ very sweet

Sophie and poodle Baby…..running
Sophie is taking a break from her first time being off leash able to run free
Saying Goodbye (A sad day for us) We dropped off Sophie 1/10/09
John and Sophie (he is very excited)

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