This morning Honey went in for the first part of her heartworm treatment.  I have to admit that I’m a little anxious about this treatment, as she is somewhat advanced in her status…considered a stage 3 out of 4 stages.  She is such an incredible little girl…kind heart, soft nature, loving and gentle…her charm is neverending.  She’s in good hands, will be taken well care of…but I still worry.

I was like a mother sending her child to St. Judes when she left with “grandma” yesterday.  I took pictures and loved on her…I don’t know what came over me.  She was spending the night with Grandma, heading to the clinic in the morning, and will be fostered by Grandma for the duration.  There was really no need to have the little bit of anxiety that I felt, but for some reason I did.  I just pray she’ll do well and come through it strong and vibrant.  Please keep her your thougths and prayers…she deserves a wonderful life with those who love her.

On a lighter note, we prepared for the adventure with a much needed bath.  She’d not be able to bathe for quite a while, so it was necessary to de-stink her.  She was perfect and patient, doing as I asked.  She even stood there for me to snap photos. Being the good mother than I am, I made sure to snap plenty of pictures to put in the public eye so that she could be completely humiliated.

Post bath:

Post towel drying:

Post dry and brush!  Isn’t she lovely?

She’s such a doll…I couldn’t get enough photos.  You’d of thought she was dressed up for the prom.

So then she got ready to go ride with Grandma.  As we looked for the appropriate “dress” to wear with her “rabies jewelry” she snuggled with Grandma and told her that she was excited to spend the night and see Grandpa and Auntie.  We decided on a lovely purple for her “dress.”

Off she went as I chased her with the camera.  She is such a good little riding companion.

Mom (aka: Grandma) called me about 20 minutes later.  She said “I just wanted to call and tell you that she’s been riding with her head in my lap the entire way…just precious.”

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