In rescue, we are faced with problems, situations, and decisions that need to be made that aren’t always favoring the bright and cheery side.  Often we deal with people who feel one way at one moment, then different the next, or who think they want this or that and then turn around and want neither.  We face criticism for our criteria, our decisions, our questions, and find ourselves defending why we are so protective of our animals.  We face dilemmas that cause us to feel as if our animals are an object or a possession or something that doesn’t even hold that high of a standard.  And, of course, we face the tragedies and pains of the animals.

I am currently hurting, and it brought me to this subject in my blog.  I have instantly put my protective bubble over a dog and have guarded myself against the applicant, although not b/c they are bad people or bad pet owners.  I won’t go into detail, but my “maternal instincts” immediately came into play, and the walls went up around this sweet animal.

My point to this email is this…most people reading this are probably animal lovers who will do whatever is necessary when bringing an animal into their home.  But if you are someone who is perhaps considering a new pet, or a first pet, or think you’re in love with a particular animal in need of a home, please consider these things…or if you know someone going through this, perhaps you can pass along this information.

Please, please, be completely upfront and consider everything when talking to the rescuer.  Please be understanding when we are questioning, require particular processes for adoptions to be approved, and please understand why we are so detailed, inquisitive, and in need of your honesty and detail.

Please do not adopt an animal if you are not 100% sure that this is the animal for you and your entire family.  Please do not tell the adopter what you think they want to hear or what you think will get you the animal quicker.  Please be prepared for anything and everything when an animal comes into your home, and be patient, understanding and committed to this animal.  It’s true that sometimes things do not work out, regardless of what you do to assure that things are best for both the adopter and animal, but at the same time please don’t give up so easily and think “I can just return the animal, no biggie” (mind you the rescue will ALWAYS take back an animal, regardless of the time frame or the reason).  When you adopt an animal, bring the animal into your life and your family as part of your family…and love the animal.  If you don’t want to love and committ yourself to the animal, then don’t get an animal.  They deserve more than a lack of such.

Animals are a delight…they are an investment, a relationship, and heartache…and they are genuine love.  Many would say that someone asking such and thinking these things is just a “crazy rescuer” or “crazy animal person.”  Maybe we are, but we, too, have genuine love.  And, if you really stop and think about it, is all of this really crazy?  These things are actually very simple…the love is very simple…and if you don’t have it, then simply don’t do it.

To those who have this devotion and love, I thank you.  It’s good to know that the animal(s) in your life are receiving such joy and the committment that you provide to them.  Know, without question, that they are grateful and return that same love to you, ten-fold.  Know, without question, that we, as crazy rescuers, are grateful to you, as well.

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