Well, I’m finally back on here with an update.  Things have been out of sorts, to say the least.  However, we’re making progress.

Honey’s last visit to the doc showed good results (as did the one prior).  Her lungs sound much better and she has a great attitude, so Doc was pleased.  It seems that her troubles are most likely a result of the heartworms (3 doc’s opinions), so we have her on Prednisone, and her heartworm treatment will continue on with Heartguard vs. the Immiticide shot to be safe.  We will keep an close eye on her and spoil her rotten.  Right now it doesn’t seem that anything can stop her…she’s a strong and happy little girl…not to mention absolutely adorable.  Below you can see her with “Grandma,” as she tells her how much she loves her. She always lets everyone know how special they are with paws, hugs and kisses…and of course her great smile.  She’s such a positive and joyful little girl…wish I could have smiled that much with the slipped disc! 😀

As for me, I’m doing better, as well.  It’s been a slow process, but now I am finally sitting!  You have no idea how exciting sitting can be until you haven’t be able to for some time.  I can’t sit for extended periods of time, but at least I am, indeed, sitting…YIPEE!!  Doc said that my lower back looks really good (where the disc slipped), so now we just have to let it finish healing and get my back muscles relaxed.  I’m just ready for it to be over, and hope to be as good as new sooner vs. later.

Now for “Alli” :

4 days prior to the “back fiasco,”  I drove to a nearby town and pulled a senior, approximately 9 years old,  Pyrenees.  I was contacted by the shelter, and they asked if it would be possible for me to take her into rescue. I have a soft spot for seniors, as you know, so I said yes and praised the good Lord she was heartworm negative. 😀 When I picked her up she was very scared and moved very slow.  The shelter had kindly groomed her for me, which resulted in shaving her down due to the number of mattes she wore.  She was emaciated and had a bad ear infection, and she was covered in ticks prior to the clip down of her coat. She was afraid, but still trusting, and followed me to the van.  I saw her tremble, so I sat down with her for a few minutes and just loved on her.  She responded to me, and slowly climbed into the van. She rode standing next to me throughout the entire day.

Being a senior, I thought I’d make her our mascot, so I named her “Alli.”  Yes, there are now 2 of us. 🙂 After picking her up from the shelter, we went straight to the vet for a once-over. Doc loved on her, as well, and we both talked about how sweet and pitiful it was to see her in such shape, and we picked even more ticks off of her. She was just one of those that pulled hard at the heartstrings because she seemed so sad and frail. I quickly learned, however, that she still had it in her…the “Pyr” in her had not faded.  On the way home she insisted that her head be in my lap – no exceptions.  There was no moving of this big head, and I was to just accept it and continue on. So, we rode home like this, even through the drive thru:

Twas interesting to say the least…although the looks that the drive thru attendants gave were comical.  She just looked at them pitifully, willing them to give her a burger.  Mean ol’ drive thru attendant didn’t give her one…and mean ol’ new mommy didn’t either since she wasn’t sure how her tummy would tolerate such a treat.

Alli is adjusting well and even playing a bit, despite the sudden change of things when I slipped the disc and “Grandma” took over.  She and her new boyfriend, Preston, enjoy romping around the house together, making the windows shake and things fall off the tops of furniture, resonating a sound similar to a herd of elephants throughout the house.  She is enamored by the cats…she feels that they are FANTASTIC!!! She tries to puppy play with them, but they just swat her and move on…she hasn’t quite grasped the fact that it’s not a “love swat.” She is all pyr with her attitude, and a true female through and through.  Those who are familiar with the Pyrenees breed know to which I refer.  Females are a bit more “holier than thou” than the males, and she’s no exception, making her as cute as ever.  She’s got a great deal of weight to gain, but we’ll get there…weight gain was never a problem in this house, for any of us!

I do think she’s younger than we first thought, for she really doesn’t act like a 9yr old Pyr.  One sheet in her paperwork guessed 7, while the others stated 9, but I’d venture to say she acts more like a 7yr old, or maybe even a little less.  She’s not a young adult by any means, but she’s not ancient either.  When I watch her, however, she just doesn’t display the characteristics of a 9yr old pyr.  She acts very young and very playful, in fact…or at least she does until she’s to go into her crate…then she acts old and feeble, as if she’s been tormented her entire life.

So here is the little rascal.  She looks a bit ragged in the photos, but time will improve those looks.  Someone hasn’t been so nice to her, as she will jump if you touch her unexpectedly, and she ducks her head and closes her eyes when you pet her…sometimes even jumping then, too.  She enjoys putting her big head in your lap, and will even rub it against you like a cat.  She’s so funny…you can’t help but want to hug her. The pyrs definitely know how to lay it on thick…I think that’s a lesson they learn in “Puppy 101” from their mommies. 😉

Meet Miss Alli – Great Pyrenees:

So that is the latest news here at the ranch, minus a few personal dog worries from my Lily and Belle. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon, and doc will tell me I’m in perfect shape on my next visit. I don’t think that’s too much to ask, do you?

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  1. Honey and Alli are absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!! I love the head in your lap thing, that’s precious.

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