Owner surrender, 12 years old (sad story).  Her face breaks my heart.  Instantly I fell in love with her, knowing right now I’m not technically supposed to pull her during “recovery.”  She is euthanized tomorrow, and all I can do is see her face.  She’d never leave if she came her, for adopting out a dog of that age is hopeless, but for some crazy reason I still want to take them (seniors) in.  “Crazy Dog Lady Syndrome.” They are fighting to save her at the shelter b/c she’s so sweet.

I shouldn’t dwell, I shouldn’t review the photo in the email over and over again, and I shouldn’t want to pull her.  Instead I do want to pull her, and I want to look at the photo, and I do dwell.  At my doctor’s appointment tomorrow, I know he’ll say I can’t rush into things, I still have to be careful, and perhaps I still need more time to heal.  Don’t push yourself, he’ll surely instruct.  I know this, but it provides no comfort.

Dramatic?  Probably.  I just think about the senior dogs who have lived their life…be it struggling as a stray or with a family…and ending it in a run in a shelter.  It’s like they know they’ve reached the end of the line, and each of their faces speak the same thing…they know.  THEY KNOW it’s the end and it certainly has to be frightening and so alone.  Can you imagine how that feels?  Even in the nicest of shelters they know…can you imagine at the shelters that don’t care?  Fortunately in this one they do care, and they try…but it still makes my heart ache.

I just want to pull her so badly…I just can’t stand it.  Two more heartworm treatments, recovery from a slipped disc, Honey now in the sanctuary, as well, and most likely Will is our next sanctuary dog…no food donations and nobody willing to donate…all the odds are stacked against us.  I still asked if anyone has helped her.  Everyone cross your paws, please.

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