Nicholas went in for his heartworm treatment today.  He’ll stay until Friday and then begin his recovery at home. Heartworms are so difficult, not only for the hardship it places on the dog’s heart and lungs, but because it’s both a harsh and delicate treatment. Once the medication is administered (in shot form, which is pretty ouchy), the dog has to omit even the slightest of activity in it’s routine, remaining in a crate for four weeks.  There are no exceptions to this rule, other than quick potty breaks. If the dog stimulates the heart too much, making it work harder, the result can be lethal…instantly.  It’s simply a very powerful medication…probably because those darn worms are so ornery.

Although these photos were taken a short while back, you can easily see that Nicholas enjoys going to see everyone at the vet clinic (that’s one of his girlfriends in the photo).  He is such a sweet, snuggly boy, and I know he’ll make some family out there very happy. He’s so easy to love, such a good guy, and quite charming. Add that he gives very gentle kisses, and he makes every girl’s heart melt.  If only ALL the boys were so perfect!

If you don’t mind, say a little prayer that all goes well.  I’ve done this, what seems to be, a million times. It’s pretty routine for me, and the end result is always a big sigh of relief that the pups are free of worry.  Yet I always remain a little nervous for about the first week. Even after so many treatments through the years, I still feel for them during that month of recovery, wishing there was a way I could explain that life won’t always be in a crate. You can’t help but want to hug them a little bit more, just so they know you’re not trying to be unkind. You just can’t stop yourself when they look at you with the pitiful “But I don’t wanna go back in my kennel…I wanna play outside, Mommy.”  It must be confusing.

Oh well…at least, as you can see, hugging Nicholas won’t be a problem. 😉

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