Well, believe it or not, I am in bed again with the flu…courtesy of mom and dad. 😉 Fever, aches, infected throat…you name it.  A person should not be allowed to get the flu twice in just over 2 months. Isn’t that against the laws or nature or something?  Thank God for television and laptops. 😀

Anyway, I didn’t post this to moan and groan, but instead to share the sweetness. I’ve spent the majority of my days and nights in bed, fighting to break this fever and simply to painful and exhausted to do much more. While in bed I have been nursed by many furry friends, surrounding me both on the floor and a couple on the bed. They walk around the house with me, glued to my side, nudging me here or there to make sure I’m doing okay. When I was cold from the fever rising, I curled up with Rocky or Grace to keep warm.  The other Grace lays in her spot by the bed, as do the others (they have all claimed a particular sleeping area). They all know I don’t feel good, and they want to be close.

Regardless of how grouchy I get from this blasted flu, they still remain by my side, checking on me, and giving me kisses.  It does help to make it a little easier to bear…minus the chewing of the remote control, courtesy of Preston, the little (big) bugger. 😉

I don’t know how people cannot enjoy the love and support of an animal.  I feel certain that here must be something wrong with them. 😉

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