This week has been one of both recovery and no chance to recover. Earlier this morning I counted…1, 2, 3, 4 days out of 5 I have been to the vet. I think next time I will simply take a pillow and blankie, and perhaps a bit of lunch. I wonder if they’d give me my choice of kennel?

The most dramatic visit, however, began about 2:15am this morning. Due to labored breathing, I took Granny Grace-A-Rue into the Animal Emergency Clinic. When we arrived she had mellowed out a bit and wasn’t struggling so much, but I opted to go ahead and get her examined. It’s a good thing I did b/c the doctor came into the room with a great deal of information.

Grace-A-Rue has pneumonia and an enlarged esophagus. Due to this mega esophagus, Grace was spitting back up what food and water she consumed. As a result of the regurgitation, she ended up aspirating, bringing food, bacteria, etc. into her lungs…this resulted in the pneumonia. X-rays lined it out perfectly and gave us the information needed to pinpoint the problem.

After leaving the ER vet, we visited our regular vet clinic first thing in the morning for a follow up. Dr Powell checked her out thoroughly, and Rue stood at the door, staring at me, willing the door to open so that she could bolt out the door. She’s such a silly girl b/c loves going to the vet until she realizes “Oh no…I’m going to get an EXAM!!!” However, she did suffer through the dreaded exam, and we are now tending to her pneumonia with plenty of meds so that she can get back on her feet. We will then continue working on the cause of the mega esophagus (cross those paws for a simple “hypothyroid!”).

Poor little girl has been through it in the past 4wks…losing her only family, having a major tooth surgery, and now this. She remains in good spirits, though, and has stuck by my side during the flu-turn-strep throat (that’s the “no chance to recover” part). Last night she curled up next to me, and as I coughed miserably, she raised her head to check on me, and placed her paw on my arm to let me know she was there if I needed her…it was priceless. Add her sweet kisses and few things top such a heartfelt moment.

It’s been an exhausting and high dollar week, but at least all are safe and sound. Grace seems to be much more relaxed and thoroughly enjoys taking her meds in cheese. Much like my Fred, as soon as she hears the wrapper, she’s impatiently waiting for the beloved treat. It’s the little things in life, you know.

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