Just thought I’d give a little update on some of the sweeties who have endured this or that.

Honey is doing very well.  She continues to cough a bit here and there, but it is less than before. It’s generally when her medication is due, so hopefully in time it will disappear competely.  She’s gained quite a bit of weight, due to her sneaky self wolfing down her foster brother and sisters food on the sly.  She remains quite happy and acts as if nothing is wrong…she’s such a stoic girl with such a great attitude for life.  She continues to always wear a smile on her face…I think it’s her only expression.

Nicholas has a couple of weeks to go before he can be out of his crate and finished with his heartworm treatment. He’s anxious to get out, and I can’t say that I blame him.

Grace-A-rue is doing much better, as well.  She is eating her food from a raised bowl, taking her meds like a pro in her favorite treat…american cheese, and acts as if nothing every happened.  She flirts with the boys and plays with me and some of her friends.  She’s a tough ol’ bird and refuses to let the punches knock her down. As you can see, she enjoys the chair.

They are all such great animals with such charm.  How can you not fall in love with those faces?  I certainly have!

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