Well, yesterday was our fundraising yard sale.  We only made $164, but it’s $164 more than we had before.  I was so hoping for a larger amount, but am grateful for the amount we made.  I think next time will require a different location.  My parents are in a convienent location right off the main drag, and I thought it’d be a good spot, but apparently we can find another one that might work a little better.  We’ll work on that subject for the next one.

Now we are going to shoot for a bake sale and attempt to get it done right away.  We have to pick a good location, maybe Target or Walmart, if they’ll let us.  If we can get one of those, we’ll also tack on a food drive.  I’m not sure they’ll be willing to work with us, but it’s definitely worth a shot.  Both places are highly populated, people could go inside to buy a bag of dog food, and neither are really into baked goods (even if Walmart does have a tiny bakery area).  Cross all paws and say a prayer that we are able to use one of those stores and that we make a good profit. Next to that, all we have to do is stir up some really tasty yummies!

It rained early in the a.m., but mother and I were fortunate enough to get all the things out for the sale in the nick of time.  It got a little hot toward lunch time, and her and I both have a bit of a red face, but we managed to stay awake on no sleep.  As you can see, our helpers weren’t much help:

They preferred to be inside where it was cool.

The after party included a Zaxby’s salad and much sleep. Now for a day of … maybe more sleep, who knows? 😉

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