What’s up w/the ear, Dudley?

My two bully girls.

Miss Alli’s perdy smile.

Lovebirds, Claire and Hogan.

Dudley is such a happy boy!

Will loves to play in the sunshine!

Preston is “working.”

Hudson’s happy smile – such a little stud muffin.

Echo is annoyed that dinner hasn’t been served yet.

Abraham has turned into quite the stud muffin!

Preston is so happy that his hole is perfect after Grandma tried to “even it out.”

Who says that just b/c you’re blind, you can’t enjoy a lovely day?

Kohlette has grown up into a beautiful cat. She has such a pretty little face.

Nicholas is Grandma’s little assistant.

Our welcome committee!

Miss Honey is doing great!

Awaiting a treat….as you can see by looking at her backside, Honey has had quite a few of those treats. 😉

“Why did she close the door? Where did she go?”

“I’m not sure, but I hope she doesn’t eat the treats.”

Look! Nicholas is WHITE! That’s okay…a few days after being home again he’ll be nice and brown. 😉

Honey’s such a glamour dog. 🙂

Honey and Nicholas love their Grandma.

Nicholas showing off his good looks and charming smile.

Grace-a-RUE sporting her new, fancy, yellow and blue with flowers “dress.”

Rue lying with Belle the night before Belle’s passing.  She took good care of Belle that night.

Anna now – she’s got quite the Pyr coat on her!

Lewis snuggles in one of the cat beds.

Rue is quite the little food mongrel.

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