Mind you, I love animals in general, but as many do in rescue, I have “my breed.”  My breed is the Great Pyrenees.  Naturally, the first question that comes out of one’s mouth after this statement is “Why?”  In visiting a friend with her own Pyrenees I was reminded, as I am every time I come across a Pyr or take one into rescue, why I love the breed.  This is why….

This is my friend’s Pyrenees named Blizzard…easy to see why the breed is mesmorizing….


But then again, how can you not be charmed by….


And how can you not love this welcome wagon?


Perhaps one would ask “What are the Pros and Cons of the Great Pyrenees breed?”  Well, let me list them….

PRO:  They are always beautiful.


….and the beauty ranges from the young to the elderly.


CON:  Well, they are not always beautiful….


PRO:  They always let you know how much you mean to them…


CON:  They always tell you exactly what they think…


PRO:  They look at you like this….


CON:  They look at you like this….


PRO:  They have fabulous expressions that win your heart…


CON:  They have heartfelt expressions that break your heart….


PRO:  They love affection and attention…


CONS:  You will undoubtedly annoy them, despite your efforts to show them your adoration with affection and attention….


PRO:  They emit class and distinction….


CON:  Well, not necessarily all the time….


PRO:  They are well mannered and respectful….


CON:  …and yet a bit naughty….


PRO: Despite their size, they are super house dogs who basically just lie around and enjoy life…


CON:  If they want the couch, it’s your tough luck.


PRO:  They are very tolerant and easy going, letting you do pretty much anything to them…


CON:  They are BULLHEADED!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And they simply won’t listen (for instance, when you tell them to get off the bed)!


PRO:  You can’t help but fall in love…


CON:  You can’t help but fall deeply in love….


I’d have a hundred if I could…as would any Pyr lover.  Although not for everyone, and I always encourage researching the breed thoroughly, they are a joy to those who allow them to bless their lives. Bullheaded, ornery, heartfelt and kind, the Great Pyrenees breed will forever own a portion of my heart…and I will forever have their hair on my black clothes.

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  1. Mom is not telling the truth. We are sweet, innocent and perfect. Don’t be deceived!!

  2. What a HOOT! If you’ve ever had the pleasure of being the “parent” of one of these fine animals, you would recognize the humor and TRUTH in all of Alli’s pros and cons!! 😉 No matter how many cons are on the list, I wouldn’t trade the years of pleasure I have received from my Pyr. He is gentle and the most passive pooch you’d ever meet! He loves everyone, especially little kids, who always want to sink their hands in his fluffy white coat and nuzzle his adorable face.
    I have personally given up on removing the abundance of white hair from my black clothes…I call it the “new tweed”!!

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