Well, Grace (aka: Rue) and I went to the vet today due to a funny looking eye. It popped up over the weekend, so I started some meds in case it was a cut on her eye or an ulcer. Unfortunately, after a couple of days, it showed no response to the meds, so we went to the visit doc.

Poor Rue…as if she hasn’t dealt with enough…she now has an infection way down in her ear that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Doc peered into the otoscope to find that the ear drum wasn’t in tip top shape, and in conjunction with the eye symptoms, she let us know that it was Horner’s Syndrome. In a nutshell, her eye is a little droopy and her pupil is smaller than normal. She’s not in pain, but she looks a little funny w/her saggy eye and it’s third eyelid showing. We received meds for the ear (most likely the cause), and we have begun treatment. The eye may clear up, or it may just look a little different….adding to her charm. We’ll just have to see. Either way, she’s still beeeeutiful. 😀

You can tell the difference in her eyes…

We still don’t have the results of one of her tests for the mega esophagus…will probably be few more days. If this test is negative then it will conclude that the cause is idiopathic (unknown), and we’ll just have to deal with the mega esophagus by slow drinking and eating, as well as her water and food being elevated. If the test is positive, doc says that they have good results with the meds…the “problem” is a big word that I can’t remember right now, but it starts with an “M.” How’s that for brain work? 😀 When I’m more awake, perhaps I’ll remember the word with more ease.

She’s a trooper, though. She still runs to the car, lets me know when she’s got to go potty or wants the “door” opened for her room (baby gate to my bedroom). She plays, gets excited, is still as strong as an ox, hops around and acts as if she hasn’t an ailment in the world. She is such a doll…I can’t tell you what a blessing she’s been to me, esp since losing Belle. She makes me laugh and gives me eyes that cause me to melt. I know why her previous daddy cried when they left her…she’s a terrific girl…irresistible. She will probably never get adopted…not too many want a senior, let alone funny faced bulldog who has a few ailments. That’s okay, though…if nobody wants to relish in her charm and beauty, our rescue will just enjoy the overabundance of love she gives us…

…and dress her up relentlessly in cute little outfits.

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  1. Now she just looks a little like Brooklyn, who we call our “one-eyed wonder dog”!!!

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