I copied this from an email sent to me by IGIVE.com, a group that helps nonprofit organizations raise funds. You may have seen it on the website, listed on the page of “How Can I Help?”  Below is a toolbar that can be added to your browser, and each search or do an online purchase through the toolbar, it can raise money for Miss Alli’s Rescue.  I have the IGIVE.com toolbar and have no problems, so there shouldn’t be any issues if you’d like to try it.  Please forgive the large screen, as I wasn’t positive how to make it smaller. Thanks!!

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Search & Raise Money | Coupons | Amazon.com & eBay | Facebook® | Improved Donation Tracking

Every New iGive Toolbar Installed for Miss Alli’s Rescue Is Another Chance to Win A $250 Amazon.com Gift Card

The iGive Toolbar makes it so simple for every search (a penny a search) and every online purchase to raise money for your organization. On top of that, every installed toolbar means your cause gets another entry towards winning one of five $250 Amazon.com Gift Cards.

NEW iGive Toolbar 2.0

Ask your supporters to try the iGive Toolbar 2.0 and mention these handy features!

Improved, Automatic Donation Tracking NEW! You’ll automatically raise up to 26% of each purchase at any of 700+ stores in the iGive network! All you need is a free iGive account and the Toolbar’s optional Donation Tracking will make sure you never miss out on a donation…even if you forget to start at iGive!
Customized for
Your Cause
Look for the button in your iGive Toolbar: it’s customized for Miss Alli’s Rescue, prominently displaying the organization’s name and fundraising total!
Search & Raise Money
The handy iSearchiGive search box allows you to raise a penny (or more!) for your cause, simply by searching the web.
Coupons NEW! Smart shoppers will love the new coupon button, with access to money-saving deals at stores that help your cause. Why pay more when you can save AND help a good cause?
Amazon.com & eBay
1 click away
The search box now gives you more options: eBay, Amazon, & Google, in addition to iSearchiGive. And yes, shopping at eBay and Amazon means money for your cause!
Facebook NEW! Facebook lovers, rejoice! This new button puts the power of social networking to work for your cause. Quickly access your Facebook home page, the iGive app, and our fan page.
No more annoying pop-up window NEW! No more annoying iGive pop-up window! You will no longer see the orange pop-up box when visiting an iGive store. Note: our Toolbar does not act as a pop-up blocker. Only the iGive pop-up has been removed from this version.
Safe & Easy to Install Guaranteed spyware-free. Installs in just a few seconds.

Try it yourself: add the new iGive Toolbar 2.0 by July 31st and Miss Alli’s Rescue could win one of five $250 Amazon.com Gift Cards!
(Contest rules | Track your progress)

Works with: Windows XP & Windows Vista; Internet Explorer 6.0 – 8.0 & Firefox 1.5 – 3.0
Mac users: a Mac version is currently not available, but our Mac Toolbar Open-Source
Project is now accepting proposals. Interested developers should contact us for details.

Are your supporters using the iGive Shopping Window or iGive Toolbar 1.0?
Please ask them to upgrade to iGive Toolbar 2.0 for improved donation tracking.
Note: upgrading from a prior version of our software will not count as an entry into the
$250 Amazon.com Gift Card drawing…but we hope you’ll do it anyway!

Any problems, questions, or concerns? Contact us! This e-newsletter is sent to people who have registered at iGive.com to support member-listed worthy causes through online shopping. Money raised through shopping may be tax-deductible for members. Worthy causes listed at iGive.com have been listed by members for their own and other members’ use. A listing at iGive.com is not an endorsement of iGive.com by the cause, nor an endorsement of the cause by iGive.com. Please see our Member Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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