I’ll give $5 if you give $5!
That’s all it takes to help save an animal!
Love animals and want to help, but not quite sure how in today’s economy?  How about giving only five dollars?  That’s it! Five dollars can actually help homeless and sick animals recover.
If you donate five dollars, then copy this and email to your friends who would donate five dollars, then they forward it to their friends…and their friends…and their friends…just think of how a simple five dollars can add up!  It can be the next rave….saving animals for only FIVE dollars!!! It’s great!
Currently your five dollars can go toward Preston’s heartworm treatment.  After previously treating three out of four consecutive dogs for heartworm treatment, Preston, a Great Pyrenees, is our fourth treatment.  Each treatment is costly and easily depletes funds.  However, your five bucks can get this handsome boy healthy and ready for a forever home!

Poor Grace, a senior bulldog mix that lost her only family, has faced multiple doctor visits since she came into rescue, including a trip to the emergency clinic.  She has dealt with a tooth abcess and surgery for it, pneumonia, megaesophagus, an ear drum infection and Horner’s Syndrome.  We’ve spent well over $1000 so far, and still have an expensive test to cover, and possibly more medication.  Your five dollars could help this darling girl feel better.

These are just a couple of the animals YOU can help with your FIVE DOLLAR donation! There are others, too!
Five dollars and forwarding this to your friends is all it takes! You can easily donate your five dollars via:
*Paypal at www.paypal.com, sending the money to donations@missallisrescue.org
*By simply by visiting our website’s contact/donation page:  http://www.missallisrescue.org/contact1.html
*Or sending it by mail to:
Miss Alli’s Rescue
1754 Woodruff Rd #308
Greenville, SC 29607
**We are a 501c3 non profit organization. All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!**
*Receipts available
Feel free to browse our website and learn more about all of our animals!
We thank you in advance for your generosity!!

Miss Alli’s Rescue

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