Throughout time, learning has been a constant and new challenges faced. While we hopefully continue to grow, we’re considering a name change with the hopes of supplementing progress. With this change we’d hope to reach more people and demonstrate our efforts with more legitimacy. I think people tend to shy away from our rescue because the name is a little too specific, and perhaps a little too “cutesy,” therefore I fear we’re not taken seriously, causing our dedication and efforts to be overlooked and bypassed. As a result, I think having a name that stands out and signifies professionalism might be the way to go. Am I wrong? Tell me what YOU think!

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  1. Hi Allison, I have no idea. If it was me trying to decide I would ask other people in rescue to see what they think. Maybe a more rescue generic name would make a difference. When I was looking at petfinder/great pyrenees, I noticed Marshall/Doc and then when I read your story about him, that’s what got me. Your blog is awesome, I wonder how you could get that out to more people? Not everybody does a write up like you did for Doc. His story really touched me along with the sad picture of him. He’s no longer sad!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!
    You’ll always be my hero.

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