I realized that in all of my sadness, I’d forgotten to mention a positive note, as well as just give a general update on things.¬† Let the stories begin! ūüėÄ

First, Miss Claire Bear has found her forever family in a lovely little town outside of Athens, GA with a Pyr savvy, very nice gentleman.  He has another male Pyr named Winston, who he brought back to health from a bad background, and that sweet boy was as cute as a button!  Miss Claire is now learning a great deal about the world with her new daddy, including going to work with him and meeting lots of new people, and the definition of GROOMING!  Yes, folks, for the first time in her life, she was pampered at the Spa.  Just look how beautiful!

She’s so deserving, and I am so very happy for her!

On a bit of a downer, AbraHAM has to undergo the full blown heartworm treatment, as he didn’t respond to the Heartguard regime. ¬†He was diagnosed as a low antigen, so we gave it a shot, but unfortunately now he’s regular ol’ positive. ūüôĀ As a result, we now have two more treatments instead of one…both Preston and AbraHAM.¬†That equals 5 heartworm positive dogs in a row.¬†Yucko!¬† Spread the word…urge everyone you know with a pet to keep them on heartworm preventative.¬†

So, I’m on the prowl for new ways to raise funds, trying to not get discouraged.¬† We’ve not been able to do the bake sale yet because I am trying to find a tent that we can set up¬†under (now that sounded funny…up and under…). With no overhang at the stores and the heat, we need something for shade.¬† So far no luck, but I’m still working on it.¬† Also scouring the internet for other means of fundraisers, as well as trying to get creative.¬† It’s hard when you only have yourself and your mother, but I’m determined.¬† We simply cannot function as we’ve been doing, and I am a wimp for a pyr in need, so something has to be done.¬† I am determined not to shut down!!! …and if you have any brilliant ideas, let me know. hehe!

Grace-A-Rue had yet another vet visit, as she’s having trouble with keeping her food and water down, courtesy of the megaesophagus.¬† That is an ornery little issue, I must admit, and I spend a lot of time cleaning up after her.¬† She doesn’t let it get to her, though,¬†bless her heart.¬† Her Horner’s Disease left her eye a little droopy, but she’s still cute as a button.¬† She’s full of spunk, that’s for sure!¬† She makes me laugh so much.¬† You should see her charge the stairs at “Grandma’s” house…you can almost hear the Star Wars music in the background!¬† Isn’t this face just too cute, though?


A week or so ago I received a phone call about two parent Pyrs and their three puppies.¬† In a nutshell, the neighbor called me and asked if I could help because the woman that had them couldn’t care for them properly, nor sell them.¬† I put the word out, but Pyrs are coming out of the woodwork, and we cannot keep up with them.¬† They are getting euthanized in the shelters because we don’t have the room for them…sometimes it seems our numbers are as¬†high as Labs.¬† This breed is so wonderful that it’s heartbreaking to know.¬† It just gets worse and worse….

I called today to check on them, and after the lady stated that the parents had wandered off, I didn’t want to take a chance of the puppies doing the same thing and/or getting killed.¬† I panicked…

Meet little girl 1, 2, & 3.  Names are still up in the air.

They will be¬†10 weeks old on¬†Sunday, all females, as mentioned, terrified and hide their heads, pretty small and their coats aren’t top notch,¬†all bones with big fat bellies (especially the last one), and covered in just about everything.¬† The lady stated that they were unable to keep them in the yard, so it’s a good thing I went with my emotions, for they may have been hit by a car or worse.¬†It wasn’t an ideal situation, unfortunately, and I only pray the other littermates make it to safety if they weren’t purchased by decent homes.¬† It’s frightening to think about, as they were sold at the large flea market. ūüôĀ As for the parents, I’m simply saying prayers that they find safety and love.¬†I may even get a call about them from the shelter.

My main concern is the biggest belly girl, as her stool isn’t as it should be, so please say a prayer for all of them that Parvo doesn’t come into play and attack these sweet little bodies.¬†I’m scared to death that because of their compromised immune system, and trips to the flea market, we might face the horrible virus…so please say those prayers.

Lastly, I received an email about a striking Pyr/Golden mix from the pound.¬† At first I asked about his heartworm status, and if it was possible to find out…then I decided if I had to sell my body (joking, of course), I’d somehow come up with a way to take care of things if he was indeed heartworm positive.¬† So I emailed them to see when I could pick him up.

I’ve not heard back from the shelter yet, as it was later in the afternoon, but we’ll see what happens. Please add to those prayers a negative test result for heartworms and a happy, healthy boy.¬†

Let me say that I know, deep down, looking at things from a rational point of view…the puppies and the golden/pyr¬†is an irresponsible move. Times are tough, money is virtually gone, paying for all of the food and the unknown lying ahead.¬† In fact, I would encourage someone else NOT to do this since it’s incredibly risky.¬†

Part of me feels that I’m cheating those who support me because I have taken in some animals despite the struggle I’ve faced this year with rescue, and I hate the thought of disappointing them when I say “we’re struggling.”¬†I say this because you have all been so incredibly supportive, giving of yourself when times have been tough, only to repeatedly know that although I talk of defeat, I’ve taken in another(S)…and I don’t want you to feel that you given and I’ve taken advantage.¬† Then, part of me is disappointed that I cannot be more disciplined and say¬†“no” to these animals,¬†realizing that I cannot continue to live on the edge and fly by the seat of my pants.¬†Lastly, the¬†final part of me¬†is terrified of¬†the thought of NOT taking them in and what will happen to them, even if it’s not my burden to carry. This emotion has overpowered the wisdom…I recognize this.¬†

I suppose, however, the largest part of me is terrified that something will go wrong, and I’ll not be able to care for the animals properly.¬† That’s what makes me recognize my foolishness in taking in animals when I shouldn’t.

…Yet,¬†I can’t stop fighting for them…nor worrying about survival every step of the way. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to do it financially, but something is driving me to not give up.¬† I don’t know if it’s just bullheadedness or if perhaps I’m being nudged.¬†I feel like everything in the world has faught against me this year, and I have cried on many occassions due to the frustration.¬† Sometimes I think…”Why can’t I win “Extreme Makeover” or get recognized by Oprah or Ellen¬†or someone famous so that the animals can benefit from their generosity?¬† Why can’t I win the $10,000 shelter prize when I do this alone and care for so many animals at my own house, feeding, watering, medicating, pacifying, etc., 24/7, all¬†around my full time job? Why am I always getting hit with so many high costs, limiting what I can do for more,¬†when people take in animals all the time with no health issues?”¬† Silly, I know, and there’s no need to¬†feel sorry for myself or cry¬†about¬†things, especially when I’d rather me get a “high cost” dog so that I can help he/she vs. someone who’d not do so…but when you’re worn down, sad, or having a Fibromyalgia or slipped disc flare up, these things can take over your heart and mind.¬† So, I then have to get myself back into the real world and just “do,”¬†and recognize¬†that I’ve been blessed in so many ways.¬† I have scraped by even more than before, and without the support or you all, my parents, and my veterinarians I would have never survived.¬†To each of you I send praise for your committment and belief in me.

I don’t want all of my posts to be about stressful events, sad times and the lack of finances, and admittedly it has seemed that way as of late.¬† So what I will ask from you is to keep us in your prayers, and pray for the ultimate dream to come true for us…growth and prosperity for these animals.¬†Pray BIG!!¬† The one thing I need to do, and often forget,¬†is to turn things over to the Lord, as he has always kept my head above water, be it personally or in rescue.¬† I know he will see us through this tough time, and if we ask him and believe in it, and all do it together, Miss Alli’s and the animals can reach for the stars. ūüôā

Enough of that sappy stuff…more pictures of cute little puppies coming soon!!¬† ūüėÄ


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