I thought I’d post a few pictures of the new babies.  I decided that their names would be Kala, Keely, and Kiley (try saying that fast three times!).  They have really opened up and become more affectionate, excited to see me and to give me hugs and kisses.

We had our first trip to the veterinarian where they received lots of love and lots of treats.  Got some shots, too, but the treats made up for that and all was forgotten.  Kala was 18.4lbs, Keely was 14.4lbs, and Kiley was 14.2lbs…far thinner than they should be.  I think they are probably Pyr/lab mixes, which is a very nice mix.  Regardless, they are double cute and very sweet.  I, of course, was a proud mama. 🙂 So, here I am again, proud of my cuties, with the desire to show them off…and you know I took tons of photos to do just that!

P.S. – the golden/pyr was reclaimed by his owner, so I didn’t have to go and get him.

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  1. Bottle some “puppy breath” and send it to me!!! There is nothing in the world like it!!!!!

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