Please continue to vote for Honey and pass the word along to everyone you know.  We are falling way behind the others, sadly.  I suppose we just don’t have the followers.  There are those in the 1100s and more, and we’re in our 50s. 🙁 However, if we vote every day, use all of our email addresses, and pass the word along to everyone we know, encouraging them to do the same thing, we could do it!  I know it won’t be easy, but I say we give it a try.  We could do wonders with the prize!! 😀

Remember: If you’ve not already registered, register your email address and click on the link emailed to you so that you can verify your “voters rights” (my made up term…hehe).  Then log in every day to vote (you can also bookmark her page, and this may not require logging in w/each visit).

If you want to learn more about Honey, visit our website and go to the Sanctuary link.

Vote, vote, vote!!!  THANK YOU!!!!

P.S.  Honey visited the doctor the other day, and we’re still doing good.  She has some allergy flare ups, true to her Golden Retriever genes, but she’s still going strong despite her heartworms and the work up they’ve caused on her heart.  We are so impressed with her strength…and she never complains.  She only paws and kisses you!

Please vote and pass the word along to anyone and everyone! (Some people have even gotten fancy and gone on the local news for their towns!)

Thanks again!!  Below is the link to her photo, and the photo is also on our homepage.

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