As you’ve probably noticed, we have had the chance to enter several competitions to win money for the animals. They are scattered down the lists of posts, but here is the gist of it all.

Please vote for Honey in the cutest dog contest EVERY DAY (on all of your email addresses!). The winning prize is 1 million dollars!!!! Just think of what we could do!!! You can access the contest page by clicking on Honey’s photo several posts down, or by clicking on her photo on our home page of the website (

Christy Cookie:
Visit their website ( and nominate Miss Alli’s Rescue for the prize.

Petfinder/Animal Rescue Site $100,000 give-a-way:
Vote for us EVERY DAY (on all of your email addresses!). In doing so, you will also help give bowls of food to shelter animals.

These opportunities are amazing, and we are thrilled that they have been provided to us. Sadly, we need many, many more votes to rank, but we want to tell everyone in the world about these contests so that we have a chance at winning. I can see in my mind all of the things that we could do…it’d be amazing!!! It’d be a huge difference from months of no money coming into rescue…we may not know how to act?!?! 😀 But seriously, these things could be such a tremendous blessing to the animals.

So I beg of you…tell everyone you know. Hound them to vote daily, hound them to hound their friends to vote, and if anyone wants to learn more about what they’re voting for, send them to the website, the blog, or have them write me for details. I am happy to tell the world what it is that we do. We’re struggling…it was bad enough before the move, but now it’s horrible. I have big, big dreams, and I want to fulfill those dreams for the animals. So I plead with you yet again…vote and spread the word. If you know someone in SC in the news, tell them about us. Help us. Please.

Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts!

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