I am writing in fury, I’m afraid, but I can’t help but feel anger and heartbreak.

I received my usual shelter update on dogs in need, and listed among the many was a 9yr old female collie mix.

She was surrendered simply because she was “too old.”

How COULD anyone do such a horrible thing???? What if their family did this to them??? This poor girl, unsure of where her “family” went, and undoubtedly heartbroken…it makes your heart hurt to think about it.

Of course, all of the usual readers know that I want to go grab her (along w/the two little, horrifically, fat girls that are depressed and also an owner surrender), but naturally I’m trying to be logical.  It’s hard … it’s very hard to be logical when you hear a pathetic story like this that makes you angry, sad and hurt.  I can only imagine what she must be feeling and thinking…how would anyone feel?

This is where I ask you to preach…preach responsible ownership, kindness and devotion to anyone that currently has or is considering a pet. Let them know that the idea of “disposable pets” is not an option, and if they aren’t in it for the entire duration, come hell or high water, to never even consider it.  Preach, preach, PREACH! The good Lord did not put these animals here for us to have as a toy that can be tossed away at any given time…he’s very clear about that…so spread the word, impress upon others the importance of being committed and responsible, and discourage those that you know won’t meet up to those standards.  It’s just not fair to the animals.

While your at it, preach to them not to have human children either. This kind of mentality does not need to reproduce.

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