So I just did a mad dash through the entire day, and now I’m finally taking a breath….mainly because I realized today was September 30 (who knew?), and the deadline for the Rachel Ray “Mutt Madness” entry was TODAY!  EEGADS!!  I was sitting at the lunch table when it hit me…I panicked and almost choked on my ice cream.  I’d been so caught up in preparing for PetMania that the time slipped away from me…then after preparing I had to actually work the “real job” (gag), so needless to say, it crept up on me.

However, I Just finished the application, and it has, indeed, been sent in…thank goodness! It has been a hectic day anyway, after a doctor’s appointment (which I rescheduled…because today was a hectic day), working on Grace-A-Rue’s new dinner chair (lookin’ snazzy!), and a trip to the vet with our quickly growing Kiley, Kala and Keelie (more to come on those beauties!), and then my fast and frantic pace to the computer to send in my application to Rachel Ray.  Oh dear…I do hope I did everything right.  One does fret after such a “wham-bam-apply-hit-send” sort of day.  I, of course, realized all too late that I was on a different computer, without my handy, dandy, ready-to-send documents in their proper places, easily accessible to email, so I was in a frenzy with that, as well.  Fortunately, I was able to download the information off-line from Guidestar and the IRS, and off it went into Mutt Madness world! Again…WHEW!!!

NOW:  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!  In the finals of the application process, the rulings will be switched over the public.  Rachel’s crew will decide who is eligible for the finals, and from that point on, starting October 12 at 12:01am, voting will begin.  If we are blessed enough to be considered for the voting….I beg of you…SPREAD THE WORD!!!!  Naturally, if we’re not selected you’ll want to vote for the nominees who you feel is most deserving, but if we get elected for participation, we do hope that you’ll consider your vote going to Miss Alli’s.  In the meantime, cross those fingers and paws and say a little prayer that we are selected! Naturally, we will keep you updated.

So, what to do at this point after such a nonstop day?  I’m going to photograph more puppies…and Rue…and give and receive kisses…and ponder (fret) on the 9yr old collie mix below (and say immature, unneccessary, naughty things about their owners…shhhh!).

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