This is a great article – I’m so glad it was published.  Click the link below to read:

Please note the line in this article that states:

“On sites like that list more
than 300,000 animals that are up for adoption.”

This is an absurd number…it’s a devastating, heartbreaking, horrible, horrible number.  Sadly, this doesn’t even include all animals in shelters.  Not all pounds and shelters post their animals on Petfinder or any of the other sites available for adoption.  It also doesn’t include the strays, the animals neglected by owners, the ones tied up and ignored, the abused animals in need…pits hidden away in the depths of hell, abused and trained to fight…so this isn’t even as high as it should be.

As I’ve encouraged many times, please help us educate the public on the increasingly high numbers of animals in shelters, the numbers that are euthanized due to space, the need for animals to be adopted, help them to become aware of abuse and neglect, and teach them proper care of animals…and that if they do not want to provide such care to never have an animal. Those of us fighting the battle need you to help us teach…it can be done if we are all committed.

Let’s do it!

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