I mean after all…nobody wants to be judged by their age, looks, or disability, right? Sadly, they are…every day, in every way. I hate it. It breaks my heart that the seniors, the ones that aren’t “aesthetically pleasing” and the ones with disabilities are viewed as “just put them down” when they still have so much life to give. Families love their children, despite their disabilities or diseases; Significant others love each other despite bad hair days, funny noses, ears, or acne; Children adore their grandparents, despite the slow movements and wrinkles. I love the disabled, overlooked, and geriatric in the animal world for the same reasons. Reasons such as this….








These are only a few that have come through rescue needing a little extra care or a little extra love. Let me be the first to say that they were all more than worth it. 🙂

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