1. Losing an animal never gets easier.

2. I am eternally grateful for loving, permanent homes for the animals.

3. I need dual washing machines and driers.

4. I will never stopped being astonished at the heartlessness in humans.

5. I would probably find dog hair in my house despite hurricane winds blowing through it.

6. Noelle will never stop butt dancing (rubbing her fanny on the wall…or the corner of the bed, or the desk, or the chair…) .

7. T-shirts, jeans and sweats are my best friends.

8. I am completely envious of my veterinarians.

9. Most likely, nobody will ever adopt Will…but if not, he will be an icon for our Sanctuary.

10. I’m amazed that all people cannot completely fall in love with these animals and that they stay in rescue so long.

11. I know that people don’t readily adopt from me because I scrutinize and do not adopt on the spot. As a result, my animals are often overlooked and forgotten, and I am viewed as unreasonable.

12. I don’t care that they think I’m crazy and unreasonable.

13. I’ll never have anything less than a somewhat “tubby” dog.

14. Sometimes it’s just hard.

15. I am grateful for Flagyl and it’s ability to calm the Gastrointestinal Tract (and the diarrhea). I’d kiss the person who invented it if I ever met him or her.

16 I get it honestly…it’s my mother’s fault. Yeah. That’s it.

17. I’m amazed at how happy a dog can be over a towel to lie on.

18. Ear infections are a pain in the fanny.

19. Hound dogs will cry when you try to do something…anything, even when it doesn’t hurt.  Retrievers don’t care about much of anything as long as you talk to them in “baby talk” tones.  Bully breeds are some of the most comical dogs ever and love to put on a show for you. Pyrenees will always look at you highly offended when you tell them NO or that they are naughty.

20. People do not read what is written.

21. Seniors are fabulous and always make me smile. I’ve even considered doing only seniors but I’m too much of a sucker for others, too…and I love my pyrs.

22. I’m a wanna-be veterinarian.

23. Vinegar is a great little helper.

24.  China, our Pit Bull, is the most appreciative dog ever.

25.  I miss grass and it’s ability to look soft and green.

26. The animals inevitably make me a liar in their new home.

27. Abraham and Will lick faster than a motorized toothbrush.

28. I will always be behind and always be late as long as I do rescue.

29. The best water/homemade cleaner bottles are from Target and cost $4 each.

30. I will never be able to help enough, but I will keep on trying.

31. It’s nice to have “co-workers” (animals) that don’t care when I wear no makeup and don’t brush my hair…b/c they don’t either.

32. Cats will always try to sit on your desk…as well as the occasional dog.

33. Rescue will allow you to meet some of the craziest people and some of the most incredibly wonderful people in the world.

34. I can now type at incredible speeds due to all of the emails I receive on a daily basis.

35. I continue learning every day but will never be able to learn enough.

36. I both love and hate rescue at various times.

37. Regardless of what I do, Alli will always lay underneath my chair and yell at me when I accidentally bump her while moving.

38. Cheese is a beautiful thing.

39. Big dog food bags make excellent trash bags.

40. I could go on, and on, and on….

Oh yeah…and I love me some puppy smooches! 😀

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  1. Your doing a great job, Dog’s are so rewarding I couldn’t live without my rescue Pepper, he can cheer me up when I’m down, just with a loving gaze.

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