As I’ve mentioned before, the dogs and I always love a gorgeous day…especially Fall days.  Fall is my favorite time of year because it brings out so much warmth and splendor.

I was nodding off at the computer while trying to work, so I finally decided it might behoove me to get into the sunshine for a bit and allow it to perk me up. Well, as you know I’m a “take photographs of the varmints” kind of girl, so I grabbed the camera and walked out the back door into a lovely, light breeze, leaves falling or blowing about on the ground, the sun shining as if it were the best day in the world, noses in my fanny, slobber on my pants, and in a sea of sloppy grins and fluff.

Everyone was in a jolly state, running and playing, chewing on sticks, and wrestling around with each other.  I took an enormous amount of photos…I just can’t help myself.  I long for a top notch Canon that would allow me to catch better action shots, not take so long to set up for the next shot, and come out crisp and clear with each take.  I have a Canon, and it does take some good shots, but oooooh, I want a fancy one that will help shape me into a pro!

But I digress…

Enjoy the slideshow!

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