Yesterday I was fortunate enough to assist with the largest animal transport in the South, and probably in the entire United States. How exciting!

PETS, Inc is a wonderful service run by lovely people who truly do care about the animals, and who also participate in other forms of animal rescue, such as fostering. I’ve known them for years and think the best of them.  They’ve been doing this for several years and have been such a blessing to the critters.  I encourage you to visit their website and learn of how many lives they’ve assisted in saving…you’ll be shocked at the numbers (There is also a link on the Miss Alli’s website under “Links.”)!! These are all animals that have come from the Southern shelters and found wonderful homes in the Northeast. Why are dogs going north for homes, you ask?  The Northern states do not have the numbers of animals in shelters that the South does, simply due to a different mentality toward animals and animal care, so they turn to the animals in the south for their new pet via Petfinder and the internet (let’s hear it for technology!).

I was asked if I could participate in Friday’s transport, which I happily agreed to do (it’s always fun to transport animals!).  So, my trip from south of Greenville to Wytheville, VA began about noon, and I returned home at 10:50pm.  Grandma took care of my crew during my absence.

I was fortunate enough to have three lovely girls on board with me…Lucy, a dark yellow lab mix;  Samantha, a petite yellow lab; Sugar, a precious white German Shepherd.  All were happy and affectionate, well behaved girls. Lucy and Samantha were going to another rescue, and I believe that Sugar had a permanent home.

I’d prepared for only 2 dogs, but at the last minute there was a change, and I’d be transporting 3.  I didn’t have 3 crates that would fit in the van (guess that means I need to work on that!), so we had to finagle who would go where, ending up with Samantha riding shotgun…she LOVED it!

The first stop consisted of picking up Lucy and Samantha in Blacksburg, SC where we allowed them a potty break  before beginning our next leg of travel. I also picked up some McDonalds sweet tea…a necessity for the trip, naturally. The second stop, just northwest of Charlotte in the Huntersville area, is where I acquired Sugar.  From there we continued on through the beautiful North Carolina mountains and into the equally as gorgeous Virginia hills.  Lucy and Sugar slept and relaxed well, and Samantha helped me navigate.

We arrived on time (a shocking and triumphant feat in itself for Miss Alli!) and patiently waited for the main transport to arrive (I answered emails and Samantha sat “on guard”…Lucy and Sugar slept).  Once the main truck arrived, we loaded them up into their crates for travel (excellent girls, as they were obedient and listened nicely) and they are now in the New England states and their new digs.

I drove home, hugged all of my babies and pretty much zonked out. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, glad I was able to participate in such a great endeavor.  It’s always fantastic to help animals find their new, safer and loving place in life.  It’s just one of those things that blesses you and that you somehow can’t really put into words. I feel it every time I help an animal, be it a transport, nursing them back to health, or finding them a wonderful new fur-ever family.  It’s the part that helps keep us going.

So (shockingly, I know), I took some photos.  They aren’t the best quality b/c it was my cell phone, but you’ll get the drift.  Enjoy!

Samantha and Lucy after the first stop.


Samantha and Lucy looking at leaving the past behind!








Samantha riding shotgun and navigating.


I suppose it was refreshing?


Sugar and Lucy hangin’ in the back.


Sugar waiting patiently on the main truck for transport.


Samantha “on guard” while waiting for the main truck.


Beautiful mountain view during our drive. I was fascinated that one section was lighter than the other.


A closer view


It was a good day!!

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