So much to tell, but I will save a bit of it for a future post when all the results are in.  It’s been a hectic few weeks, driving the transport, several vet visits and all of the other things that are now just a blur. 🙂

During the transport I was able to meet some lovely animals, both canine and feline.  There were 2 playful lab puppies, a timid but gentle and handsome coonhound mix, a very happy Springer Spaniel, a lovely Pit mix, and a third lab mix puppy that was as darling as they come.  There were also two beautiful 8 week old, long haired kittens and a handsome tabby and white cat that was almost identical to Lewis, our rescue placed a few months ago. He was quite the chatter and talked to me for about an hour before he finally decided to crash and  snooze for the remainder of the trip…he was was my supposed to be my copilot, but failed miserably as he snored. They were all incredibly well behaved and each had sugary sweet temperaments. It was a long day…or rather a very long day…but it was good to know they were all heading to good forever homes or foster homes.

The day before, I picked up Miss Fiona. I’d love to tell you what she is, but the truth is that I’ve not a clue. All I know is that she’s about 28lbs of irresistible cuteness! Will talk a bit more about her later.


The day after, I picked up a Pyr puppy that is between 6-8mths old…Miss Nadia. She is beautiful…and pretty sick. 🙁 More details on that later, as well, but I will ask to please say some prayers for her.


In the next few days I will post a bit more on these two and provide more detail.  They are delightful girls, and I know you’d be charmed if you met them.

A nice uplift was that our heartworm positive Preston is able to use Heartguard as his heartworm treatment! In a rare and odd line of events, two different tests showed no microfilaria (baby heartworms), which is most peculiar. A third test, what’s referred to as a “snap test,” displayed a faint positive. As a result, we were able to forego his intensive treatment and place him on Heartguard. It was such a pleasant surprise! So, he’s received his first dose, and we will go ahead and place him up for adoption as a stud muffin that’s hard to resist.


More news will follow in the days to come. In the meantime, everyone make sure to prepare for a tummy full of turkey! 😀 Happy Thanksgiving!

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