It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, for which I apologize. As much as I love to write for you, it seems that I somehow get f...

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The k9.5 Rescue Lowdown


k9.5 Rescue’s focus includes special needs dogs who might otherwise be euthanized if not given a 2nd chance in our organization. One such specia...

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Caring for a Blind Dog


Oh, Lottie…. 18lbs, enormous grin, and adorable feet. Feisty, fearless, active and lightening fast. Devoted to a fault, affectionate, and devili...

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Little Lottie Lou


Today I received an email from a lady asking for her help with her 10yr old lab mix. They were so sad to give this incredibly well behaved dog up, but...

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“We hate to do it….”


It took me a bit to sit down and write, simply due to sheer exhaustion, but I knew I wanted to do a dedication, true to my “must talk about how ...

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For the love of Tippy

It’s been several days since I posted on Facebook, Twitter and probably one or two of the other social media sites we’re a part of, about ...

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“Tipping” over the edge