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Did You Know...?



...that there are shelters that euthanize 75 - 100 animals in a day because they are so overcrowded? Do you realize that they're not the big city shelters? They're in your own backyard. YES, this is true.  Sadly, some days it can be even more.    

***Responsibility comes in many forms...which includes having pets!!***



- Spay or neuter your pet!!

- Keep your animal inside or in a fenced area!

- Train your animal so that each of you can be happy and enjoy each other's company

- Practice proper veterinary care for your animal

***Do NOT have an animal if you do not want to commit to these things!!***


It's heartbreaking, knowing that goodhearted, loving animals are euthanized ritually because there is nobody who cares enough to look for them; because there is a lack of kennel space; because that's what the rules are...

PLEASE help prevent this from happening!

Do NOT buy from backyard breeders. Do NOT buy from puppy mills where the parents are kept in HORRIBLE conditions, some never seeing the light of day or even grass.  ADOPT from animal controls, humane societies or rescues. 


How do they "put down" the animals?

Euthanasia in shelters takes it's toll on everyone involved.  Many times shelter workers have to fight the tears because they know what loving, gentle dispositioned animals they are destroying.  They know how many children would love to have this dog or that cat as a companion, and they know that the animal would make a good companion.  They see animals who would make good service dogs or good working dogs.  They see animals who are so soulful that they give you a peace simply by looking into their eyes.  They see animals that could provide the courage for a young child to speak for the very first time.  Then they see them dead.

Euthanasia comes in several forms, be it a gas chamber (yes, this is still used in some areas, only recently stopped in our own state), lethal injection to the vein, lethal injection to the heart, or lethal injection to the stomach...and they most often see this without prior sedation which would ease the horrendous pain of the animal. Remarkably, there are still states that have areas who simply shoot the animal if it's a stray.  No, it's not always peaceful.

Why does this happen?  Because there are too many people who view animals as disposable; Too many people who don't want to take on the responsibility and commitment of a living, breathing soul; Too many people who simply don't care what happens to the animals. 


You will feel better about yourself and enjoy your pet as a family member vs. a thing of possession.  Remember...animals breathe, have blood flowing, a heart, lungs, brain, skin, digestive system, circulatory system, diseases...they are not toys, they are not objects of control, they are not money makers. 

Respect their LIVES...after all, it's not their fault...humans are the reason they are here on earth.